Last Updated: September 29, 2021
· devtripper

Sadomasochistic Software Development

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a nice article from Coding Horror ( about "Modern Software Development". Its a well worth reading.

The idea is simple: How a good software team is?


Ill add that during the last months I have participated in a dozen of technical interviews. And the truth is that some things scared me.

Let me tell you some things I have found from candidates:

  • Almost no one worked in a team with any kind of automated deployment process.

  • Less than 20% worked in a team with Continuous Integration.

  • Lots of them tracked bugs in a-la-email way or spredsheets.

  • Almost none of them with quality assurance plan.


Please, men. Do something.

  • Mavenizing a project takes minutes. Ok, a day in worst case. And there are other options there: ant, Gradle.
  • Setting up a Jenkins instance takes just a couple of hours.
  • Installing and integrating a repo manager like Artifactory is a matter of clicks.
  • Bugzilla is easy to set up and use.

Oh, and all of them are FREE.

So, why the heck is this so common?