Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· becreative-germany

The attitude to learn


The effort…

to learn more about structures and processes is in the nature of every ambitious developer. Every day is something published around how to solve problems technically.
A very good example is the Community. You can find more than 700 Tutorials around different topics and every day is added one. I love the way to teaching myself becouse I don´t have any limits “how i do it, when I do it or what I do” but good plans are required for a succesfully examination of your topic. I have some tips for you. Do not hesitate to learn more about the underlying system I mean e.g if you want to learn a new programming language also learn:

  • What the future looks like. (e.g PHP ReactPHP ) ?
  • How is that system implemented (e.g PHP in C link) ?
  • What are the weak points (e.g PHP flexibility “expressions”) ?

And after these few steps you have definitly a better outlook of what you do. Dont´t be the kind of programmer who wait of new releases use your opportunities, teaching yourself, use the internet and do it but don´t be afraid to fail.

A lot of people develop and do it good but the simplicity of a system is often a catch than not everybody have the proper knowledge of the background (e.g non-static mechanism in PHP, Python) and do many mistakes.
If you know the system more precisely you can improve it and perhaps you can create a better one. At the first usage of linux and generally all about what is related to computer/programming I was looking for how it works because I don´t want to be slave of something I want to be a maker and contributor. That was my opinion about the ongoing process of learning.