Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dominickm

Power Shell 3.0

If you're like me you tend to work on UNIX-like systems and have come accustomed to BASH or something like it. Given that, Windows can feel a bit foreign.

I've found something cool that may help the new devs moving to a Windows environment: PowerShell 3.0 (the Windows 8 version). It has a lot of the commands you are used to from BASH: ls, cd, mkdir etc and is easily extendable.

For instance I have wired Git and Sublime Text 2 into mine.

Now the trick is that 3.0 is a little different than older versions -- ie some things may not work on older versions that work in 3.0

If you're missing you command line gitfu on Windows definetly look into wiring git into PowerShell.

Hope the helps somebody!

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