Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· sativaware

Clojure Development with Emacs Live (Key-bindings)

These are a collection of key-bindings for emacs live - furrther useful key-bindings can be found on the emacs live site.

WINDOW Management

C-x 0</code> close current window

C-x 1</code> close all but current

C-x 2</code> open new BELOW

C-x 3</code> open new ALONGSIDE

DIRED - working with files & directories

C-x d</code> open dired(for working with files & directories)

[on a file/dir] "D"</code> DELETE file/dir

[on a file/dir] "C"</code> CREATE dir

[on a file/dir] "R"</code> RENAME file/dir

PAREDIT - Paren hacking pleasure

M-s</code> -> remove outer "paren"/form

C-)</code> and C-<SHIFT>-)</code> SLURP next form into current

C-M-<SPACE></code> select form

C-M-\ </code> AUTO-INDENT (current outer form or selected area)

CIDER/REPL - Live coding & form evaluation.

C-c M-j</code> Start a REPL(cider-jack-in)

C-c C-z</code> open REPL

C-M-x</code> eval form

C-c C-k</code> RUN current file

C-c M-o</code> Clear the REPL

TESTING (for a buffer containing a clojure test)

C-c C-,</code> run tests

C-c k</code> clear highlights

C-c C-t</code> TOGGLE between test/implementation


M-x .</code> go to function definition

C-x <- // C-x -></code> navigate BACK/FWD...

M-p</code> nav to PREVIOUS form

M-n</code> nav to NEXT form


M-%</code> -> Find & replace text within selected region