Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· thomasklemm

Preparing a new Mac for Rails development

There are only a few tools nescessary to turn a Mac into a great Rails development machine, and here they are.

  • Command Line Tools for XCode: Nescessary for Homebrew to compile a few things. Just register for free to download.

  • Homebrew: A great package manager for Mac, helps you install Redis, Postgres, MongoDB and more.

With Homebrew you can install a few more tools.

  • Git: Git is the version control system in the Ruby world. Nearly all Ruby gems are available open-source for everyone to contribute to on Github. Install with $ brew install git. (The $ sign always denotes that a command is intended to be run in the console).

  • Rbenv and Ruby Build: Helps you install and manage different Ruby versions.

  • Bundler

Your developer life can be even easier with these tools.