Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· eduardoshanahan

Bitbucket: how to change an issue status during push

If you are hosting code in Bitbucket and are using its issue tracker, you can change the issue status on each push.

I did a small example to see how it flows:

You can reference an issue with:

git commit -m 'Create a reference: see #1'

Declare that you are not going to fix it:

git commit -m 'This is not broken wontfix #1'

Decide that it might be an issue:

git commit -m 'Hold on a minute: holds #1'

Mark it as invalid:

git commit -m "This doesn't make sense invalidate #1"

Reopen the issue:

git commit -m 'Look, this is really a problem: reopen #1'

And finally close it for good:

git commit -m 'We are all done, close issue 1'

You can have a look at the issues

And to the issue history too.

Here is a longer command list that I keep for my own reference.