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Get Rid Of That Pesky Grey Footer In MailChimp

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You have a visually pleasing and readable email template. Your site colors and online voice shine throughout the email template. Everything is ready to go but in your tests, there is that very bold, ugly grey footer that MailChimp seemingly adds with no care for your perfectly design email. Two things, first MailChimp adds that footer to comply with CAN/SPAM laws so you are not in violation of telling your email subscribers how they got your email and how to get off your email list. Second, there is a way to get rid of it.</p>

MailChimps tags are case-sensitive. So, even though you make have the correct tags, if they are not in UPPERCASE, ex: |UNSUB|, it will render the code correctly but the sensitive MailChimp app eyes will not recognize the tag as being correct so the app/system will add the grey footer into your code, right at the bottom.</p>

Now, let’s get rid of it. First you need the following tags in your footer:</p>








Let’s take a quick look at what we need:</p>
This tag is a must for all MailChip templates, it pulls in your Required Email Footer Content:</p>|LIST:DESCRIPTION|</code></pre>
Subscribers need a way to get off your email lists, this does it:</p>|UNSUB|</code></pre>
This pulls in the name of your company from the Required Email Footer Content in your list:</p>|LIST:COMPANY|</code></pre>
This pulls in the web address of your company from the Required Email Footer Content in your list:</p>|LIST:URL|</code></pre>
This pulls in the email address of your company from the Required Email Footer Content in your list:</p>|LIST:EMAIL|</code></pre>
This adds your mailing address and a downloadable vcard to your email. This gets its information from your Required Email Footer Content in your list:</p>|HTML:LISTADDRESSHTML|</code></pre>
If you have a free account, you have to add your MailChimp rewards badge:</p>|REWARDS|</code></pre>
Did you notice that all of the tags are UPPERCASE? That’s right, again, MailChimp tags are case-sensitive so even if the data that is being called is correct, the tag still is incorrect if it is lowercase. There are some expections to this if you are using your own custom tags through MailChimp. Here is a link to all of the MailChimp tags: <a href=""></a></p>
So what you get is rid of all of that grey footer, but now you probably want to style all of that extra html that gets added to your email. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Here is some of the styles that you can use to help you get the footer looking just right for your email template:</p>
<div class="gist">

/* starts the vcard injected tags */
div.vcard {} {display: inline;}

/* by adding a margin right of 4 pixels, we fake a space in between inline items that are all in a line */
span.fn {display: inline;margin-right:4px;}

/* hide the br tag that gets injected */
div.vcard br {}

/* starts the address line */
div.adr {display: inline;margin-right:4px;}
div.street-address {display: inline;margin-right:4px;}
div.extended-address {display: inline;margin-right:4px;}
span.locality {display: inline;}
span.region {display: inline;}
span.postal-code {display: inline;}

/* style the vcard download link */
a.hcard-download {}

/* create your own generic rule for positioning the Rewards badge if neccessary */
Hope this helps you get rid of that pesky grey footer. If you are still having issues, please do not hesitate to contact MailChimp support as well and have them take a look at your email template to see if there is some other issue your template.</p>

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Hi Frederick, just tried using lower case in the tags for the footer, but the unsubscribe links still appear. Can you please outline EXACTLY what needs to be inserted into the footer to remove it from sent emails. Thanks

over 1 year ago ·