Last Updated: November 09, 2016
· wyldbrian

Python: Writing Simple IRC Bots

I've recently started writing random IRC bots for fun lately. I initially found out how to write them by reading this article:

I'm not a particularly experienced programmer, but this most recent bot I'm pretty happy with:

Contents of


How it works:

This script will connect to your IRC server (localhost by default) and respond to various prompts

  • Typing ++ in IRC will give karma to an item (e.g. Karmabot++)
  • Typing -- in IRC will take karma away from an item (e.g. Karmabot--)
  • Typing !rank and then an item will let you know how much karma it has (e.g. !rank Karmabot)
  • Typing !top will list the top 5 items by karma
  • Typing !bottom will list the bottom 5 items by karma
  • Typing !help will print a list of options

The script uses json load/dump to periodically store existing karma in a file and load it on startup

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