Last Updated: July 25, 2019
· jjasghar

supernova/nova cheatsheet

View aggregate cluster stats for the hypervisor

[~] % supernova private hypervisor-stats

View the hypervisor list

[~] % supernova private hypervisor-list

Boot to a specific hypervisor

[~] %  supernova private boot --flavor 1 --image 3e1f2f6b-01f5-4647-a36d-f449cf1ae84b --availability-zone nova:549086-compute01 privatetest 

View the machines on a specific hypervisor

[~] % supernova private hypervisor-servers 549086-compute01

Migrate a box and check progress

[~] % supernova private migrate --poll 295ead28-dd69-4e8e-8d13-680e44bf1662
Instance migrating... 0% complete

Note: the above is designed to shutdown the instance and move from the hypervisor
After the migration is complete you have to run the following to get it out of CONFIRM_VERIFY
bash [~] % supernova private resize-confirm 295ead28-dd69-4e8e-8d13-680e44bf1662

How to do a live migration, this is not a good idea though :(

[~] % supernova private live-migration --block-migrate 295ead28-dd69-4e8e-8d13-680e44bf1662  549086-compute01

--block-migrate is used because we aren't on shared storage, so you need to copy the disk then cut over

A "stuck" machine

[~] % supernova private reset-state --active 295ead28-dd69-4e8e-8d13-680e44bf1662