Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Customizing Routes in ASP.NET MVC

Routing is one of the primary aspects of the MVC framework which makes MVC what it is. While that is possibly over-simplifying, the routing framework is where the MVC philosophy of "convention over configuration" is readily apparent.

Routing also represents one of the more potentially confounding aspects of MVC. Once we move beyond the basics, as our applications become more complex, it generally becomes necessary to customize our routes beyond the simple flexible default MVC route. If you are new to MVC, first review the basics of MVC Routing, then take a quick tour of route customization:

Customizing Routes in ASP.NET MVC

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This was a hard article to write. I am very interested in feedback! Obvioulsy, the target reader is someone who is new(er) to ASP.NET and/or MVC.

I found it difficult to create good examples without also going into distracting detail about the business cases for which the example might be necessary. Also, there are so many moving parts to this subject I found it difficult to stay focused on the basics.

I am hoping the article is not too simple, and achieves a clarity for the beginner. Obviously, experienced MVC devs will find the content simplistic, but as usual, I tried to write the tutorial I myself would have found useful in trying to figure all this out.

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