Last Updated: March 09, 2016
· seven1m

Hide blue glow on Firefox pinned tabs

If you're like me, you get easily distracted by shiny things, e.g.

Glowing Pinned Tabs

Any time Firefox notices the page changing the document.title, it sets the titlechanged property on the tab CSS. Turns out this is easy to see with the DOM Inspector:

DOM Inspector

Given this information, now I can craft a userChrome.css file to nuke that CSS rule:

.tabbrowser-tab > .tab-stack > .tab-content[pinned][titlechanged]:not([visuallyselected="true"]) {
  background-image: none !important;

And the blue glow is gone!

Glow Removed

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Up until the most recent Firefox update (29), that updated tab glow used to be orange and encompass the entire tab instead of a little glow beneath it. Any idea how to bring that back?

over 1 year ago ·