Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· vinitcool76

Twitter Plugin for Django CMS


Build Status

Twitter recently dropped support for v1.0 of it's REST API. Since this was used in DjangoCMS. All of the installation which used this plugin broke.
Hence, this is an attempt to create a similar plugin using widgets.


  • In order to install this plugin, fire up your virtualenv:

    pip install cmsplugin-twitter
  • And add the this line in installed apps in your

  • After saving them , run:

    python syncdb
    python migrate

How to Use:

  • Login to your twitter account and go to this url:

  • Create a new widgets and then copy the twitter handle and widget_id from the generated script.

  • Enter those two fields in the plugin form and other fields and you are good to go.

Plugin in Action

This is the plugin working on a Django-CMS site: