Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· zhuangya

Don't use + or | for parsing Integer in JavaScript

you can simple try



'01010101' | 0

so, don't use them, just parseInt('01010101', 2)

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Instructing people to use one method while not using another without any explanation does not do the community any good. Please stop and explain the purpose of this pro-tip.

For the record, both the unary + operator and bitwise operators | coerce variables to numbers on a base 10. This works for most cases unless the number needs to be interpretted as binary. In that case, you may also use parseInt with the radix (base) of 2 to interpret it.

If you are going to use parseInt without specifying a radix, beware that it will attempt to do octal if the number begins with 0 and otherwise fall back to base 10. This is why most people say it is best to always specify a radix with parseInt. I use + since it is simpler and has the same effect.

over 1 year ago ·

I don't see anything wrong with +'01010101' or '01010101' | 0

over 1 year ago ·