Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· pleone

Sonata Admin Bundle User Password

To set a user password on create/update using Sonata Admin you need to:
+ Configure a preUpdate hook
+ Configure the service
+ Use the right filed type :)

Configuring preUpdate Hook
In your admin class (ex. UserAdmin) add this methods:

public function preUpdate($user)

    public function setUserManager(UserManagerInterface $userManager)
            $this->userManager = $userManager;

    public function getUserManager()
            return $this->userManager;

Configuring the Service

In your UserAdmin service you have to inject the UserManager (ex. FOS).
To do this, add this lines to your service declaration:

<call method="setUserManager">
          <argument type='service' id='fos_user.user_manager' />

The right field type

For password you have to use a field named plainPassword to avoid password overwriting

protected function configureFormFields(FormMapper $formMapper)
                ->add('plainPassword', 'password') 

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Thanks for the tutorial, Just what I needed.
I add the configuration service in YAML format:
- [ setUserManager, ["@fosuser.usermanager"]]

over 1 year ago ·