Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Web page performance optimization with Audits

When you want to know how can you possibly improve the performance of your web page, and/or the network utilization of your page, you are testing your page with different tools and other pages.. and if there can be already something in your pc, that you are using right now, to improve your app/website?

In Google Chrome there is a tab called Audits: maybe you sometimes noticed it but never used. It's really simple to use.

  • Open the Developer Tools, if you are not already on it, open Chrome and go from the upper right button to Tools > Developer Tools, or simply press Ctrl+Alt+I

  • Go on the Audit Tab

  • Choose a web page (also this one is fine)

  • Put the check on "Reload page and audit on load" and click "Run"

  • It will show you then a list of suggestions divided, for "Network Utilization" and "Web Page Performance"

  • From now on it should be pretty intuitive ;) hope it will be useful to you as it is to me!

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