Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Minecraft server tools

Update: The server tools now include a basic backup script

I have a Minecraft server, and making sure everything get backed-up, saved, reset, and even erased can be a full time job... especially if you want to warn your users when things like "scheduled restarts" are happening soon.


After searching the internets and hacking together scripts, I came up with this...

The source on GitHub

These scripts should help you with the general aspects of server management; they also allow you to easily add scripts on, if you have other things that you regularly do. You can even setup the specific messages to be displayed.

Just remember to set up your cron jobs!


Due to the fact many servers already have their own backup scripts in place, the "" does not actually backup your server, however there is a designated spot in the script for the actual script to go. In the future I may add a backup script, but for now this should do.


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