Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hendrikpetertje

Super Git console Linux


  1. Go to your default ubuntu console by hitting ctrl + alt + T or selecting it from your applications list
  2. paste this and hit enter: gedit ~/.bashrc
  3. paste the code from the block (below) to the bottom of the now opened ~/.bashrc document on your desktop

    # Git status stuff
    # Note: This should be placed in your .bashrc or .bash or .profile or whatever it is you use to control your 
    # terminals appearance.
    # Reset
    Color_Off="\[\033[0m\]"       # Text Reset
    # Regular Colors
    Black="\[\033[0;30m\]"        # Black
    Red="\[\033[0;31m\]"          # Red
    Green="\[\033[0;32m\]"        # Green
    Yellow="\[\033[0;33m\]"       # Yellow
    Blue="\[\033[0;34m\]"         # Blue
    Purple="\[\033[0;35m\]"       # Purple
    Cyan="\[\033[0;36m\]"         # Cyan
    White="\[\033[0;37m\]"        # White
    # Bold
    BBlack="\[\033[1;30m\]"       # Black
    BRed="\[\033[1;31m\]"         # Red
    BGreen="\[\033[1;32m\]"       # Green
    BYellow="\[\033[1;33m\]"      # Yellow
    BBlue="\[\033[1;34m\]"        # Blue
    BPurple="\[\033[1;35m\]"      # Purple
    BCyan="\[\033[1;36m\]"        # Cyan
    BWhite="\[\033[1;37m\]"       # White
    export PS1=$Color_Off$Login$BPurple$PathFull$Color_Off'$(git branch &>/dev/null;\
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then \
      echo "$(echo `git status` | grep "nothing to commit" > /dev/null 2>&1; \
      if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]; then \
        # @4 - Clean repository - nothing to commit
        echo "'$Green'"$(__git_ps1 " {%s}"); \
      else \
        # @5 - Changes to working tree
        echo "'$BRed'"$(__git_ps1 " {%s}"); \
      fi) '$Color_Off'\$ "; \
    else \
      # @2 - Prompt when not in GIT repo
      echo " '$Color_Off'\$ "; \


Line numbers in the description should be shown in relation to the code file

  • You can change text colors in your terminal by replacing the color-namings (where B before a color is Bold) in rule 37 to other values from 9 to 27. Color_OFF resets the current color to the default console color again this is necessary when applying other colors after current color to.
  • you can make a short path description (with only current folder instead of the full story) by replacing PathFull from rule 37 to PathShort.
  • You can insert the current time using $Time12h or $time12a
  • There's a Newline command to! insert it with $NewLine
  • Jobs can be viewed as well by inserting $Jobs

Good luck!

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thx for sharing i didnt try but i use this and it seems to be the best git ps1 i found so far. PS. i changed it to include the current timestamp for practical reasons

over 1 year ago ·