Last Updated: January 23, 2021
· SEO_rigami

Want to search React's docs? Do it with Dash!

React's docs lack one essential function: search. The community has noticed and there is even an issue on Github where a prominent SaaS search provider Algolia has offered to provide and integrate their service for free , something they already do for popular open source projects' documentation including Bootstrap, HackerNews, Laravel, among others. Unfortunately project maintainers have stated it would "likely be a pretty low priority for us".

So in the meantime how are dev's supposed to search for important methods like getInitialState? I use a free app called Dash, which can be usesd to search all of the documentation you use, even when you are offline! It integrates with many popular developer tools including Webstorm and other Jetbrains products, Sublime Text, Alfred, and more. It even allows search of StackOverflow! While still not a perfect solution to the issue, Dash has more than compensated for the lack of doc search by bringing all of my most used docs together in one place at the press of a customized key shortcut.

I hope this helps developers learning React like myself to find what they need a bit quicker. Let me know what you think in the comments or on twitter @SEO_rigami .