Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· thure

Enabling the use of SCION statechart interpreter in Windows Store apps

If you're using JavaScript to develop a Windows Store app, and you want to use SCION to manage states by defining statecharts, getting SCION to work with WinJS instead of jQuery is easy!

You can override these properties directly in scion.js (or scion.min.js) or override them after the platform has had a chance to export them. Your choice.

ajax : WinJS.xhr


getDocumentFromUrl : function(url,cb){
    this.ajax({ url: url }).then(
        function (r) {
        function (e) {

Et voilà.

A more detailed protip will follow regarding the nuances involved in running a Windows 8 app with SCION. Once I've got one up and running.