Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· pleone

gist script from command line

We love gist and we love shell. So here is a useful script!

Install ( with ruby gems )

gem install jist  

Yes, it's jist and NOT gist. The official gist packages has many issues and actually not working and not maintened anymore.

You can post a gist as anonymous user, but would be better with your github account, isn't it? ;)
So, ready to go:

jist --login
$ Obtaining OAuth2 access_token from github.
Github username: pleone
Github password:  superSecretPassword
$ Success!

There are many usages (each one of the following row is a different usage).

"Gisting" a file:

jist a.rb

And it returns you the url ->

Pasting from clipboard:

jist -P

Updating a gist:

jist lib/jist.rb bin/jist -u 42f2c239d2eb57299408

See more infor at:

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This looks great. I use the gist package in the package manager for sublime text 2 which is also great.

over 1 year ago ·