Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· sgtom42

CI for your GitHub-Projects with CloudBees

If you have a (private) Java-Project on GitHub (or in some Subversion Repository) and you would like to setup some minimal Continuous Integration for it, CloudBees might be the right choice.

Just sign-up for a free account at:

Make sure you have a public key for your GitHub account. If you are not so sure about this you can check things out here:

In your CloudBees account settings add this GitHub public key to your SSH Keys.

Basically this is all that is needed to get started by adding a new Jenkins-Build. Thanks to it Web-UI Jenkins is rather straightforward, but just in case you need some references:

Took me roughly ten minutes to get my first build where the longest part was finding out the SSH Key stuff ;).

I have not yet tried it, but from the CloudBees applications it seems that you can also deploy you application for tests and use MongoDB or MySQL database instances for testing :).