Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· omidraha

Admin of team lost !! team with zombie admin in coderwall !!

If you create a team and then leave that, and then want to gain it again, codewall says your join request will sent to admin of team, but now who is the admin of that team.?

For example, first create a team, i named team-test:


Then select your plan, i select Free plan:


Then the team-test team created:


Now leave the team-test team:


And CoderWall says you removed from the team:


Then try to retieve team-test team again by clicking in reserve team name:

And then fill it for team-test, and Codewall says we found that, so click select option:

Now click Request to join team:


And finally, CoderWall says We have submit your join request to the team admin to approve:


But who is admin of team-test now?

And if i go to edit page of team-test team , i get a blank page with 403 HTTP status,

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Thanks for this great breakdown of the issue!

If there's a specific team issue that you need to be re-added to then please email me at mike[at] and I'll help get you squared away.

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