Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· victorbjelkholm

Dead simple pastbin service for programmers, pipe terminal commands, use files, images etc is a dead simple service where you can POST any data to it and it'll give you an URL back with the data you sent.


These are two common command used

Pipe output from command into

ls | curl --data-binary @-

Post contents of testfile into

curl --data-binary @testfile

But, writing this commands all the time becomes tiring quickly, plus, we have to manually copy the link that comes out from the command, or add pbcopy to the commands as well.

So, aliases and functions in your bash/zsh/whatev rc comes to the rescue!

    curl --data-binary @"$1" | pbcopy
alias paste_pipe='curl --data-binary @- | pbcopy'

Now we have two commands, paste_file and paste_pipe which automagically copies the link to you as well.


Paste some system information

uname -a | paste_pipe

Paste contents from file

paste_file /etc/passwd

And the link to the paste is now in your clipboard.

Enjoy your newly found free time! (approximate time saved, 2 hours/day )