Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· avgp

Use gruntacular instead of grunt-testacular

We're relatively new in the game of using Grunt as a build tool for JS projects.
Going with the new stable v0.4.0 of Grunt, we wanted to run our Testacular tests via Grunt as well and encountered "grunt-testacular" as a possible candidate.
With a config like this:

    options: {

we thought we'd be fine. But when we run that, it just started and stopped immediately afterwards. It didn't run any tests, though a call to

$ testacular start config/testacular.conf.js

worked flawlessly.
To get this working, we just switched to gruntacular which is known to be compatible with Grunt 0.4.0 and works with the same config directives, so you don't even need to adjust your config file.