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Week's Plan

Hey! First log here.. This post is not supposed to be artist like or something, I am currently using this tool as a way of trying to put my thoughts on some pieces of code i've been working on out there, and hopefully structure my work better!

About me : Geographical engineer, with a solid background on geographical information systems and dealing with spatial data. I have recently been attracted by the WebGIS area, specially open source! There's a lot of good code out there and a lot of cool people working on some really interesting geo related functionalities.

As a 'Geogeek' I want to share with you my struggles, my solutions (or someone else's solutions that I discovered among the community) and hopefully start contributing with some ideas and code towards the universal geo knowledge..
So this is my journal! Shall we start?

I have a basic GeoDjango website set up (yey! ) and I'll get you through it in a few weeks when I start writing my thesis on it, but for now I have two main questions (which can be divided in about a million of them):

  • Uploading shapefiles and inserting them into the database in django?!

*What?! Ok, Uploading the file itself is not that difficult (i'll put it on github tonight).
Now we need to consider how to insert the uploaded file into the database (sure, it doesn't seem that difficult!) - Not that easy too!

Options: shp2pgsql, manually (hell no!), LayerMapping -> requires model

** Model!! How to create a model out of an uploaded file? it can be done I'm sure, but how?

Options: mutant?, manually, consider the data inserted in the database and go from there?! , build a generic model? what about the name?

Here we go. hopefully by the end of the day we'll have some answers! If any of you have ideas, feel free to share them!

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I don't have an answer because I don't know Django, but you might find StackOverflow better fitted for your question. The platform is made for questions like this, while CoderWall is more of a share-your-protip kinda platform.

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