Last Updated: August 21, 2017
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Reset the MySQL 5.7 root password in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This is a bit gnarly. If you have a better method of updating the password without triggering a warning about PASSWORD being deprecated, I'm all ears.

# Stop MySQL
sudo service mysql stop
# Make MySQL service directory.
sudo mkdir /var/run/mysqld
# Give MySQL user permission to write to the service directory.
sudo chown mysql: /var/run/mysqld
# Start MySQL manually, without permission checks or networking.
sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &
# Log in without a password.
mysql -uroot mysql

Update the password for the root user.

UPDATE mysql.user SET authentication_string=PASSWORD('YOURNEWPASSWORD'), plugin='mysql_native_password' WHERE User='root' AND Host='%';
# Turn off MySQL.
sudo mysqladmin -S /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock shutdown
# Start the MySQL service normally.
sudo service mysql start
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