Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· geofffilippitwc

Apple Cinema Display Buzzing

I was using the MagSafe Cable connected to my Apple Cinema Display to power my MacBook Pro.

My Apple Cinema Display started making an annoying buzzing sound.

I googled around and found out through looking at a debugging guide that it was probably the transformer in my Apple Cinema Display.

The guide suggested I take apart my Apple Cinema Display to diagnose it. I wasn't interested in doing that.

I disconnected the MagSafe Cable connected to my Apple Cinema Display from my MacBook Pro. Instead, I used the power adapter that came with my MacBook Pro to power my MacBook Pro.

The noise went away and it cost me nothing.

There is probably a way to fix it permanently by replacing the transformer in the Apple Cinema Display. Given that my Apple Cinema Display is not a Thunderbolt display, it doesn't seem worth it.

If you have a Thunderbolt display, then hopefully it is new enough to be under warranty and you can take it to the apple store. If it is not under warranty, then maybe it would be worth it to have it fixed at apple anyway, or to find a transformer and fix it yourself. (Probably wouldn't be for me.)

If you want to do the permanent fix, then may want to refer to the guide linked above.