Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· Abizern

Don't Rush To Create Git Aliases

Git has many commands. And when you match it up with the flags that can be used, there are even more.

It's tempting when you first start using Git at more than a commit, push, and pull level to create aliases to make your life easier. You soon end up with a long list of slightly varying shortcuts - and it's easy to spend more time than you save just trying to remember what the shortcut is.

Avoid using shortcuts until you know you really need them. Pave over the paths. I initially created a long list of shortcuts - and then found that I only used about 5 frequently, all others I type in.

After using git for a while you'll soon find the commands that you really use frequently enough to create shortcuts for. Also - for some commands that you use often but keep looking up the flags for (such as output formats) it's a good idea to create shortcuts for, but I suggest that these need to be ones that you use frequently.

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Or you can create a new Alias to list your defined alias :)

aliaslist =  config --get-regexp '(alias.*)'
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