Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· gmckeever

Sync Your Nitrous.IO account with Linux or Windows via

With Nitrous.IO you can spin up your own development environment in seconds, and edit your code in the cloud.

Currently you can connect to your Nitrous box through the Web IDE, SSH, and by editing locally with your favorite text editor with the Mac App. If you are wanting to sync locally on Windows or Linux then you can use

Setting up Copy on your Nitrous box

1) Sign up at the Copy website. Use the following link to get 20gb free, and I will get an additional 5gb:

Sign up here

2) Connect to your Nitrous.IO box and log into the terminal. Once there, download the Copy linux client to your home directory ~/ :


3) Extract the client:

tar xvzf Copy.tgz

4) Navigate within the Copy folder and configure it with the following commands:

cd copy/x86_64

Run the next command all in one line, replacing the email and password values:

nohup ./CopyConsole -u=your_copy_email_address -r=/home/action/workspace -p=your_copy_password &

You now are syncing your Nitrous box to your Copy account, regardless if you are disconnected from the session. Download Copy's Linux or Windows app in order to sync locally.

Tip: After running the last command, you can run the following command to store the PID into a variable:


From there you can check if it is still running, or alternatively you could kill the process:

ps -p $HISPID
kill -0 $HISPID

Thanks to Marcelo for providing initial documentation on this.