Last Updated: August 26, 2019
· Olympiapeter

Do NOT delete native apps on iOS 13 Beta if you plan to re download them. [Please Read]

As many of you do and have done on previous software builds, you have deleted stock applications in iOS for whatever reason. In iOS 13 stock apps now run from a new SDK developed on Xcode 11 using swift. Once you delete your stock app in iOS 13 and try to redownload the app from the AppStore, you will be unable to. This is because the AppStore servers do NOT have support for apps to be recompiled in Xcode 11. This means you will be unable to reinstall native stock apps until potentially after the full release of this operating system, please spread the word.
iOS 11 all deleted apps were merely hidden from the home screen and once redownloaded could appear even without any internet. This behavior is gone for a majority of stock apps in iOS 12 and 13 and WILL delete some apps off your device now depending on your settings with that app or how Apple caches deleted stock apps.Theory of newer devices caching apps looks to be somewhat true, I deleted the music app on my XS Max and redownloaded it no problem, however, I tried this again but rebooted after I downloaded it, and it did not work. Perhaps Apple caches the app locally in case the removal was a mistake?