Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· rfajfar

Rainbows & Stones 4 the Wealthy

Ruby Console Coloring

The more one gets into Ruby the more great stuff he discovers. I've been into Ruby console applications recently and found a pretty neat coloring extension.

Its name is Rainbow

Its useful + it has a pretty name. Everyone likes rainbows! Its a must.

A simple gem install rainbow to the terminal and its yours.

Supports RGB and HEX coloring as well as some pre-made color symbols like :red, :black, :green and so on.


You simply use it on a string. Rainbow does the ANSI wrapping for you.

A simple foreground coloring example:

> require 'rainbow'
> puts "Awesome piece of Ruby text".color("#1abc9c")
> puts "Another Hipsterised Output".color(52, 73, 94)

Rainbow gives you the option for foreground and background coloring + some other not so often used text FX.

Dead simple but I love it!

Many thanks to the developers :D

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