Last Updated: July 26, 2018
· voqn

coderwall protip can comment by markdown

I send request to coderwall's twitter.

@coderwall hi. I want comment on "protips" article with (multiline) sample code. but it replace newline character to single blank :-(

It has been supported by coderwall.

@VoQn try again. comments now support full Markdown syntax. Select code segments and press Tab, it'll auto-prepend the required 4 spaces.

Now, coderwall protips are able to comment by All Markdown syntax.

`code` be inline code expression (identifier/method/class/etc...)
>>>> with 4 space, for multiline code snippet

Thank you all coderwall staff!!

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Thanks a lot for sharing this arabian tale with us. As someone who is a big chief essays enthusiast, I enjoyed reading this tale a lot. If you can share more tales like this, I would love it.

9 months ago ·

Commenting by markdown is totally great for those who wanted to share some great stuff such as URLs. Being able to share clickable URLs can save the amount of time doing the copy and paste.

Scott Porter

6 months ago ·