Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jaunesarmiento

Testing the presence of a UIAlertView in RubyMotion on iOS7

In some cases, you'll need to test if a UIAlertView appeared on the screen, possibly to test if an error is shown. Unfortunately, in iOS7, the UIAlertView does not appear in And in fact, the UIAlertView is never added to any window, thus you'll need to keep a reference to it but that solution is messy.

But do not fret because there is still a way to check for existing instances of UIAlertView on the screen.

describe "some method here" do

  it "displays an alert" do
    topMostAlertView = NSClassFromString('_UIAlertManager')
    topMostAlertView.should.not.equal nil


Note: The UIAlertManager is an undocumented class and might cause your app to be rejected. So please use it carefully. That's also why we're only using it in our tests.