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Five YouTube channels to learn Python from scratch to expert level

Interpreted, with a philosophy that favors a clean and readable syntax, Python sneaks into the fifth position in the list of computer languages most used of GitHub, establishing itself as one of the "languages" that we should learn. Fortunately, to do it outside of the university, the network makes available to us the following YouTube channels.

Although we have already talked about it in previous articles, it is undeniable the usefulness of Codigofacilito when it comes to acquiring the necessary knowledge to function with ease in Python. In his channel we will find not a few videos (and even a complete course that integrates 32), that deal with diverse aspects of Python.

Thus, from its installation, through the creation of lists, classes and objects, loops and others, even lambda functions and exceptions, you can solve all kinds of doubts with it. It is focused for beginners.

The Jesus Count channel

Perhaps one of the most complete, Jesus Conde's YouTube channel has even its own course focused on the youngest of the home "Learning to program with Python for children", a program composed of up to 70 videos that will allow, as its name promises, the immersion of this audience in the programming language. Obviously, it also works for adults. It's fun, fun and, of course: easy to understand.

Other tutorials that we find in this space refer to general basic issues such as the use of modules and packages, the creation of the menu module, the notebook, and so on. Most come with practice files, which can be downloaded from Dropbox.


Codejobs is a very complete YouTube blog and channel that also includes information about other languages such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and some less popular ones. Specifically, they define themselves as "a community of technology lovers" who believe "that knowledge is the only way to be truly free and autonomous".

Although the usefulness of the videos posted on the Google platform is greater, we can not fail to comment that the explanations given on the website are concise, simple, concrete, and that they have the backing of an attractive interface, something essential in this kind of sites. In addition, it is updated several times a week.

The Derek Banas channel

Although the channel of Derek Banas provides material in English, this is still very useful. Well structured and explained with ease, it is easy to understand (the language does not suppose any inconvenience with some basic notions that, we understand, you have).

If you want to get a general idea, here you will find a very useful video: "Learn Python in one video", although there are also others, complete programs, and so on. It's pretty generic, yes.

Hackers and engineers

This space of YouTube is not far behind in explanations about Python and dares to go a little beyond the mere instructions to learn the basics. In fact, it has a course focused on the creation of video games, numerous examples and more.

The indications are simple, although the narration is somewhat cumbersome, not very pleasant. In the lower part of the content usually add download links, code and others.


Although this channel offers information about other computer languages, its offer for Python is extensive. From courses for beginners, to the creation of specific games, Davidcoptero is very useful for all kinds of levels.

Of course, it will not help you to solve specific problems, although you can always write to its author. The updates, too, are quite frequent.

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