Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· coreytrombley

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Dont you just hate when you run out of the office/house/building without quitting your server? I know I do. When i first started development this would be a daily occurrence. Here is a quick tip on getting rid of those hidden servers that are running on your machine. (this is the ruby version, I am sure this will work with most programing languages).

OH NO! No worries here is what you can do to fix this problem.

hit command+spacebar to open up spotlight

type: activity monitor

hit enter

You should see this screen.

In the finder bar of activity monitor

type: Ruby ( or the programing language that your using)

Click quit process

Force quit and your done! See that was not so hard...

Cheers and happy coding,

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Alternatively you can type "ps x" in terminal find ruby and then type "kill -9 <pid>" where <pid> is the number in the first column on the row of ruby (or whichever process you want).

Warning: that wouldn't let your process to execute any exit routines and just gets rid off the process. It should do the trick for WEBrick though. For safer quit strategy try "kill -3 <pid>"

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@madgen Yeah that would be much faster.

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