Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· eclifford

Logr.js dynamic console logging replacement

Why Logr?

Logr is a contextual JavaScript logging utility for making sense of all the console logging statements
in your application. Logr supports some innovative features for reducing the amount of boilerplate logging
that you need to write and makes this logging available to you only when you need it.


Here is an example of automatic object logging on another framework of mine responsify.


Here is how easy it is.



  • Automatically attach logging to all the methods of any object with log.attach
  • Contextually organize your logging statements named Logr logs
  • Programaticaly set logging levels globally or per log
  • Logging levels are stored per session allowing you to turn logging on and off in QA and Staging environments and have them stored for the entire browsing session
  • AMD and CommonJS compatible
  • Fully supported in Webkit and Gecko won't break in IE

see it on github