Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· nirth

Specs with Maven and Scala

If you interested in using Scala's BDD framework – Specs with Scala 2.9.2+ and outputting result to maven JUnit runner you should first migrate to specs2 library since specs considered deprecated as of Scala 2.9.1.

Simply add
<!-- In properties declaration -->

<!-- In dependencies -->

Your specs should look like:

import org.specs2.mutable._;
import org.specs2.runner._;
import org.junit.runner._;

class MySpecTest extends SpecificationWithJUnit {
"My code should" should {

    "True and true must be true" in {
        true && true must_== true;

            "False and false must be false" in {
        false && false must_== false;

Source files/examples can be found at: or