Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· wordofchristian

Fix vim after upgrading to yosemite

After I upgraded to OSX Yosemite vim started behaving strangely. For instance set clipboard=unnamed was no longer working. This is because yosemite came with it's own version of vim compiled without clipboard support.

To fix it, uninstall the system vim:

sudo rm /usr/bin/vim

Then reinstall vim with homebrew

brew install vim

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I wouldn't recommend removing the system vim outright. What I do is detect the most recently modified version of vim and set that to the EDITOR variable (and then alias the vim command to it)

  local IFS=$'\n'
  local vim
  for vim in $(whence -ap vim); do
    if [[ -z $BEST_VIM ]] || [[ $vim -nt $BEST_VIM ]]; then
      export BEST_VIM=$vim

if [[ -n "$BEST_VIM" ]]; then
  export EDITOR="$BEST_VIM"
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