Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Kissing Simplicity Goodbye

Simplicity concerns concepts and divisions more that it does lines of code. But you probably didn’t hear that from Kelly Johnson.

The sad reality is no tool can assess (or automate) simplicity; CodeClimate can’t tell me how well my knowledge boundaries are defined. Most of the time it does an impressive job at guessing through the causal relationship: a simpler model often yields simpler code. But not always.

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To be honest, I hate it when people force me to click through. I rarely do it, and it just makes me think less of the author. Not trying to tear you down here, it just if you really want people to read your stuff, then just post it the right way. If people really do like what you wrote, then they will become active users on your sites because they are actually interested in your content.

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