Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· slawosz

Vim stuff everyone should know about

  • use Ctrl-o to perform one normal mode command in insert mode
  • Ctrl-r " in insert mode pastes recently yanked text
  • use Ctrl-a in insert mode to insert recently inserted text
  • learn when to use proper key form: o,O,s,S,i,I,C,a,A to start insert mode
  • repeat last change action with . in normal mode
  • learn about text objects:
  • use vimtutor command to learn some vim fu
  • read and try to use these tips everyday:
  • map Caps Lock to Ctrl, and your life become more comfortable!

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The last one is the first thing I do on any new computer.

over 1 year ago ·

Good list! I would only rearrange things, something like this:

  • vimtutor
  • o,O,s,S,i,I,C,a,A keys
  • repeat with .
  • text objects
  • caps –> ctrl (should be definitely before ^o ^a tips)
  • ... the rest
over 1 year ago ·
  • map caps -> ctrl iff there's not a Sun Type 5 or 6 keyboard available... but they're so cheap on Ebay, why wouldn't you have a few?
over 1 year ago ·

Thanks @canweriotnow, I know what I will ask Santa this year (but, why my Microsoft 4000 can not have normal layout?)

over 1 year ago ·