Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· joshwebdude

Learn Search Engine Optimization Online Class

I am offering a great class to learn seo start to finish. I have spent a lot of time searching all over the web to learn SEO and figured that it would be useful to create a class that incorporates all the pieces.

The class is also unlike other classes in it allows you to post your project for your fellow students to comment. We will be building a simple project website using weebly to learn and apply the techniques that we learn.

Some of the key points that we go over consist of

  1. Learning about Search Engines and how they work
  2. Setting up analytics
  3. How to select keywords
  4. Onsite SEO
  5. Offsite SEO
  6. Dos and Don't Tips and tricks

I am constantly telling college grads that there are more SEO jobs out there that can be filled.

Part of the problem is that they don't teach it in colleges so you are left learning on your own. Which also means reading a ton of bad content.

Here is a little sample of what we will be learning. Here is a breakdown from the class talking about how search engines work.

It is a pretty simple concept, if you break it down into simple terms. I will use this analogy to help explain.

Say you are a yoga instructor. There are many yoga instructors out there as well. What makes you better (rank higher) than the others? Well you have a ton of referrals that say how great you are and these people are really into yoga as well.

The referral, in the web world is a link. The link in this case could say something like "yoga instructor" and send people from the referrers website to your website. That helps build your rankings for that keyword. We call these referrals, "backlinks".

It used to be back in the day that your website had a chance of ranking based on the fact that there were not that many competing websites. Rankings could be achieved through good onsite SEO. Now backlinks have become the strongest part of SEO and understanding how this works is crucial to your success.