Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· sikajs

Trick for building atom on Ubuntu

If you want to use Atom on Ubuntu 14.04 box, the following might help you.

I tried to build Atom on my Ubuntu 14.04 box in order to use it as my RoR editor.
After git clone the Atom repository from Github, start to follow the linux-building instruction.
Bang! The script/build command keeps reporting the error ": No such file or directory"

So I checked the required elements to build:

  • C++ toolchain? (which on Ubuntu, 'build-essential' package is what you need) Installed
  • nodejs v0.10.x ? checked
  • npm v1.4.x ? checked
  • libgnome-keyring-dev? Installed
  • ensure that gyp uses Python 2 ? Yes.

But the error hold itself there...

The trick is that make sure you provided the full path of your 'node' executable for the building script. In my case, that is '/usr/bin/node script/build'. You can also use 'which node' to find the path on your box.

The error fade away... :)