Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· artemsyromiatnikov

Firefox & SyncFusion

I'm working with SyncFusion library with to add some nice JS to my pages. Today I've met a funny case when the chart that was working perfectly in Chrome, Safari !!!and even IE8!!! failed to render in Firefox.

Sometimes the were no error messages in console at all. In other cases it said that ** this.each ** wasn't a function (targeting code somewhere deep in minified SyncFusion source). It was really confusing because jQuery (whose 'each' function was mentioned) was fully initialized and have never caused any problems.

After hours of research the reason was found. I was using jQuery 1.8.0 that obviously was a root cause. Fixing the issue was as much as updating to jQuery 1.8.2 (later jQuery releases work just fine as well).

That have cost me 5 hours of searching for a fix as long as one symbol! My personal record so far...