Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· Abizern

You don't need to have "Prelude" in your ghci prompt

You can set up a ghci settings file (on Linux and OS X, this will be ~/.ghci) and within it you can declare you're settings. For instance:

:set prompt "λ> "

Will give you a funky lambda prompt.

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But this cancels out every other module as well…
Since prelude is loaded nearly everytime, I'd like to have a way to show every loaded module except prelude.

over 1 year ago ·

nobbz, I thought this would work but it won't :/

:set prompt return . (unwords . filter (/= "Prelude") . words $ "%s >")?comment=I thought this might work like it does for functions, but it just showed my function definition:

:set prompt return . (unwords . filter (/= "Prelude") . words $ "%s >")?comment=test?comment=I thought I could define prompt like I do functions, but it didn't seem to work:
:set prompt return . (unwords . filter (/= "Prelude") . words $ "%s >")?comment=test

over 1 year ago ·