Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· finwë

Setting up OpenBSD custom route at startup

I'm actually setting up an ESXi server with 2 network :

  • One facing the Internet, where I have an OpenBSD VM which will act as a router
  • One fully virtual, where all my VM will be

My default IP address is used for the Management of ESXi.

My ISP (Online.net) provide me one IP FailOver (it's an additional IP) which I'll use for my OpenBSD router, but, there's not on the same network.

So I'll have to add a route on my OpenBSD Box to reach the Internet.

Here is how you can do this :

my Internet interface is "em0".

Edit /etc/hostname.em0 and add the following line (with em0 replaced with your Internet interface) :

!route add -inet my:ga:te:way/32 -link -iface myinterface (em0 here)

restart your network (sh /etc/netstart as root) or reboot your server and then, you'll have a functional OpenBSD router (at least for the Internet part).

Don't forget to add your gateway to /etc/mygate too.