Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hartleybrody

Text-to-Speech Heroku Notifications

I love that Heroku lets me deploy apps without fussing with servers. But one of Heroku's less than stellar properties is that deploying can be slow. Sometimes deploying projects (even small Flask apps with few dependencies) takes well over a minute.

I'd often click around while I was waiting and end up distracted, wasting an additional 20 minutes when I should have been testing my app. I wanted an easy way to know the instant my app had deployed, without having to stare at the terminal and wait.

So I added this to my .zshrc

alias deploy="git push heroku master; say deployed to heroku"

Now, I can just run

āžœ  ~ deploy

and my app will pushed to Heroku. I'm free to click around and kill time, but the instant the app is ready, my computer tells me -- in a somewhat cool, robotic voice.

Check out the say command for more configurations options.