Last Updated: November 21, 2017
· francesco
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Mixing up Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and ...bottles of wine

This sample application by Christophe Coenraets (not on coderwall ...huh!) is a couple of months aged, but it worth a share:


if you're not interested on Node or Mongo, there's also a fantastic tutorial (three parts + reengineering) about Backbone.js only, with a PHP or JAVA RESTful back-end here:


If you're not interested even on Backbone, try his tutorial about PHP RESTful services with Slim library:


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If you are interested in Backbone, here's an article with more info about it. It contains data on how popular it is and where it is used more. There's also samples of CV, they can serve you as examples of what else is there to improve.

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