Last Updated: September 02, 2019
· akhyar

Cleaning up LESS stylesheet from browser specific properties

LESS elements ( is a set of useful mixins for the LESS CSS pre-processor to help you cut down the size of your stylesheets.

It greatly reduce the mess on my stylesheets using the power of LESS.

Simply, download and import the elements.less

@import "elements.less";

You can style up your elements using procedural function-like style. For example:

#footer {
    .gradient(#F5F5F5, #EEE, #FFF);
    .border-radius(5px, 0, 0, 5px);

Then, LESS elements will generate you all the browser prefixes (such as -moz-, -webkit-, etc) you need. Working with CSS3 never been this easy :)