Last Updated: July 09, 2018
· pandyavaibh

Manage Your iOS Subscription Using an Easy URL.

Turn OFF Subscription Payments on Apple devices

Method 1: iOS 10 and above
- Open Settings à Apple ID Profile à iTunes & App store
- Click on Apple ID
- Tap View Apple ID. If not logged in then sign in with a passcode.
- Now Scroll down & Tap Subscription
- Tap subscription (you want to manage)
- Tap cancel subscription
- Your Subscription will be stopped at the end of billing cycle. There is a final date listed at the bottom.
- Even you make changes like yearly subscription to monthly and vice a versa without canceling.

Method 2: For Below the iOS 10 (Older ones)
- Launch the app store
- Click on “Featured”
- Scroll down & tap Apple ID (if not logged in then sign in with the Apple ID)
- Scroll down & click on manage app subscriptions
- Select the app subscription you want to cancel
- Simply, turn off “Auto-renewal”

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