Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· destructuring

Vagrants should do zeroconf (Bonjour)

I generate ssh configuration for my vagrants using "vagrant ssh-config" but that's not satisfactory because it uses weird private IP addresses that aren't bound to an OSX network device, weird ports.

So I add a host only network at so I do have a vboxnet1 device, port 22, and each guest its own IP address. Hacked some way of getting an ssh config for that but I always forget to generate the config, or the config gets stale.

A zeroconf solution is to install the avahi-daemon package and the guest will advertise itself on visible network interfaces. So a guest named dev will be visible as dev.local with the 192.168.88.x address! Set .local as a searchable DNS domain and I can ping, ssh to dev.